Our Company

This is Green Energy Production SE

The GEP SE production facility is being built in the heart of the world’s largest inland port and will generate green hydrogen, bioethanol and green electricity from a single source.

What makes us proud: to make it easier for people, municipalities and companies to switch to renewable energies and thus to jointly set a chain of positive influences on the environment and climate in motion.

Our trademark: we use an ecological waste product to produce a sustainable range of three key energy products: green hydrogen, bioethanol and green electricity.

This is how we create the core corporate values while observing the highest social and quality standards:

Passion, responsibility and dedication.

Green Energy Production SE


We see opportunities where others see problems.

And that is exactly what makes our innovative business model so successful. This is how we create renewable energy for everyone .



Our environment needs protection and help, especially when it comes to the careful use of natural resources.

Instead of wasting resources, we stop the senseless destruction of food waste and use this raw material for sustainable energy generation.



The quality standards of GEP SE stand for a high level of environmental awareness and sustainable action.

We make it our business to show in an exemplary manner that environmental protection and economic efficiency can create a synergy. This consistent dedication has led to a futuristic solution for the production of inexpensive green hydrogen – the key factor for the energy transition.

Our goals

Hydrogen production from waste products – we will implement this trademark worldwide as the new standard for hydrogen production. International GEP production facilities will supply numerous municipalities and companies with green energy and thus help them achieve the necessary climate neutrality.

To ensure that it remains simple and convenient for environmentally conscious consumers and customers, our top priority is:

Maximising environmental protection – minimising costs