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    FAQ – frequently asked questions

    What is biogas?

    Biogas is a combustible gas from which energy is generated. In contrast to fossil natural gas, biogas is produced by fermenting biomass. Biogas can be used as fuel, converted into electricity or heat, or fed directly into the public gas network.

    What is ethanol?

    Ethanol, also called alcohol, is a solvent. As an admixture (e.g., E10), bioethanol improves the environmental balance of fossil fuels. Ethanol is also the base material for numerous refining products. Bioethanol is created through production processes that do not cause any CO2 emissions and thus contribute to climate neutrality.

    Was ist Wasserstoff?
    Wasserstoff ist ein brennbares Gas, das sich als Treibstoff und für die Erzeugung von Strom und Wärme verwenden lässt. Grüner Wasserstoff entsteht durch Produktionsverfahren, die keine CO2-Emissionen verursachen und die damit zur Klimaneutralität beitragen.
    How do you produce electricity?

    GEP produces green electricity in a block-type thermal power station that is operated by our self-generated biogas.

    Which products do you offer?

    We primarily offer three sustainable energy products: green hydrogen, bioethanol and green electricity. In addition, other products for the hygiene industry are produced from bioethanol.