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Green energy with a future – GEP SE

Welcome to GEP SE, the outstanding manufacturer of the key energy products for a successful energy transition:

Green hydrogen, green electricity and bioethanol.

Get to know an innovative energy system that sustainably recycles ecological waste products as the key factors of the energy transition.

Find out what drives us and how GEP SE successfully combines environmental protection and profitability.

Green hydrogen without energy-intensive electrolysis?

Green hydrogen without energy-intensive electrolysis?

Find out how GEP SE uses an innovative production process to produce hydrogen.

Impetus for a green environment

GEP SE and its partners produce sustainable green energy

Hand in hand for a better future

GEP SE and its partners produce sustainable green energy from organic waste – without affecting natural resources.

100% green electricity from 100% waste

100% green electricity from 100% waste

Green electricity from waste materials serves, on the one hand, for an independent energy supply and, on the other hand, is used for the production of green hydrogen.

green hydrogen and bioethanol

Alternative fuels: green hydrogen and bioethanol

Everything that makes fuels green and sustainable comes from GEP SE. We produce the decisive variants of alternative fuels for sustainable mobility – and all from the same raw materials: organic waste and by-products from the food industry as well as molasses from sugar production.


Green energy

Green energy for everyone

Green hydrogen, used in fuel cells, fundamentally improves the carbon footprint of every household and every car.



Take a look at our innovative products!


Produce in a climate-conscious manner

Green energy, which is obtained from baking waste or molasses, contributes to a cleaner environment and helps Germany to achieve its climate goals.

Green hydrogen for a successful energy transition

The energy transition has already been achieved at GEP SE. Our entire production runs with climate-neutral energy self-sufficiency. This makes us pioneers in environmental and climate protection. In addition, we are doing our part to save the planet with inexpensive green hydrogen.
Energy free from wind and weather
Produce in a climate-conscious manner

Energy free from wind and weather

Environmentally conscious, climate-friendly, economical, reliable planning – GEP SE proves that ecological management can be successful.

Preserving natural resources

Our environment needs protection and help, especially when it comes to the careful use of the resources that are still available. Therefore, at GEP SE only waste materials are used as starting material that would otherwise be senselessly destroyed. This creates an ecological win-win situation: on the one hand, environmentally friendly production processes, on the other hand, inexpensive green energy for everyone.

Climate change is real

Climate change is already a reality – we are all feeling it.
The energy transition – away from CO2 and towards climate-neutral energies – is therefore not a non-binding model of thought.
Rather, it is a compelling postulate of the present. Only if we manage the energy transition can we secure a viable and habitable planet for ourselves and our children in the future.
Environmental awareness and profitability do not have to be a contradiction in terms. The green energy market, as GEP SE defines it, will develop into one of the most promising and profitable markets in the coming decades.

The production facilities of GEP SE deliver 10,000 m³ of bioethanol and 8,700 MWh of green electricity annually. And that’s just the beginning: Our growth strategy is based on multiplying these numbers in the coming years.

We see opportunities where others throw up their hands. This is the guiding principle of GEP SE .